Little Fixes and Small Victories

We spent most of the weekend taking a closer look at Harvey’s systems, cleaning him up, and making some small repairs.

The Good

The city water system seems to be working fine with no leaks.
The propane system is working to power the range.
Both roof A/C units are working.
The sewer valve holds; only the hose needs to be replaced.
Replacement wiper blades found, ordered, and installed. (They fit! Trico 72-200)
He cleans up real nice.

The Bad

The fill point for the fresh water tank sprays water everywhere when filling.
The water pump on the fresh water tank leaks. We replaced one part, but didn’t do any more testing.
We’ve been told the furnace is kaput, but we haven’t tested it.
The line to the rear driver air bag suspension is bad. New line purchased but not yet installed.
The A/C in the cockpit is broken, but it’s winter now . . .
The ladder is coming loose from the frame in the back. It appears the screws are stripped.
Water leaks in at the center of the windshield and above the driver’s window. We hear these are hard to fix. Maybe a cover is in order for the time being.

The Repairs

The fridge was a rusty, disgusting mess. The plastic coating had come off the racks, there was mold on the seal, and stains on the door caddies. A wire brush, elbow grease, and Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy makes a world of difference.  Now we have to use-test it and see how the epoxy holds up in the humid fridge with stuff sliding around on it.

Fridge Racks

The other annoying little thing was the rattle between the screen door and the main door.  Driving down the road it was enough to make you mad.  We cleaned the frame of the screen door with a little rubbing alcohol and filled the gaps with foam weatherstripping tape.  The rattle is gone . . . or that one is, at least. Now we can hear all the new rattles!

Screen Door Repair

Finally, I gave the interior a good clean with LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner. It really is totally awesome! It took what I surmised to be nicotine build-up off the plastic headliner in the cockpit. It did a pretty good job on the rust stains in the fridge.  A little baking soda helped, too. It was great for breaking up the mold on the plastic luggage pod and A/C covers on the roof. A little Murphy’s Oil Soap on the wood, and our baby looks and smells really clean.  Finally, I lined the drawers and cabinets with yoga mats for a little extra cushion than regular shelf liner.

Shelf Liner


Author: Heather Prince Doss

I am a born traveler, literally. I was born abroad to military parents, and a love for the world has never gotten out of my bones. This love has carried me all to Central America, Europe, Southern Africa, the Middle East. Now, it is time to get to know my own country a little bit better, one campsite at a time.

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