Meet Harvey Picklesimer

Before we found the motorhome for us, we wanted to name our RV “Harvey,” but when we found our rig in Nashville we discovered that it already had a name: “The Big Pickle.” A compromise was in order. On December 28 we cracked a bottle of champagne over the trailer hitch and christened him Harvey “The Pickle” Picklesimer. Here is a first look at the interior and exterior as we inherited it. Future posts will show our updates.


Driver Side


Sofa and Dinette
Bunks open

Author: Heather Prince Doss

I am a born traveler, literally. I was born abroad to military parents, and a love for the world has never gotten out of my bones. This love has carried me all to Central America, Europe, Southern Africa, the Middle East. Now, it is time to get to know my own country a little bit better, one campsite at a time.

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